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Favorite Links
Hello Fabulous Skaters!

On this page I'll include links to related sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Wanna know when the upcoming international competitions are? And when they are on t.v? Click here to find out:

To find out about the book we reviewed go here:

Want to know whats happening with all the skaters? Want to play skating trivia? Click here to do so!:


Do you need help with your axel, double axel or even triple axel? Brian Orser will take you through steps to landing a perfect one! You will need Real Player to see this! Click here to make your axel perfect!:

Brian Orser's Axel Repair Shop from is a great site. Articles about most sports, polls, links and skating news 24-7. This is a great skating site!

The Goodwill Games site has all the info you need from Results to the sports in the games.


Results Results Results. Find out the results for the Nebelhorn Trophy 2001.

Nebelhorn trophy Results

Who won the gold in The 2001 Worlds Fashion Contest? I Love this One!

Click Here to See the STYLIN 2001 World Skaters!

What a great figure skating reference site! We even reviewed it for our Site Review Nov/Dec 2001!:


Click on Picture to Visit Web Site

Have a Skating Web Site? Send it to me here!