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Hello Fabulous Skaters!
About Me

This page is about who? MOI! And. . . want to know when my page is updated and what's new on it? Then please, join my mailing list at the bottom of the page!

Hello!!! My name is Alex and I am the creator of FAB SKATERS!
And if you are wondering I am a FAB SKATER! Ha Ha!
    Well I live in Ontario, Canada in a small town called Georgina. I skate at the Georgina Skating Club and I LOVE skating there. It is the Number 1 club, that is for sure! I am working now on my double axel (I guess!) because I just landed my double lutz (only once , first time!) on the last day of skating before the Holidays. I am still trying to get that double flip consistent too.  I am working on the Blues (one more till Gold dances!) and  I am on Senior Silver Skills also known as Skills 3 . I just passed the Paso Doble, the Killian and Junior Silver Freeskate.
    My greatest skating achievement would be a bronze medal at COSIC (Central Ontario Section Interclub Championships) at the Junior Bronze Level. Also recently landing my first double lutz in a lesson with Jennifer Robinson !! My favourite jump is a Double Toe and my Least Favourite is the Axel (YUCK!) 
    And. . . Just wanted to let everyone know that this site goes to all the Fab Skaters Everywhere, which is Everyone! 

This is a picture of me (front row 2nd) and my persision team, The Georgina Ice Actions,4 years ago

This is a picture of my sister in her yellow awesome dress (my Mom made it!!) going into a lutz jump

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This is me (top middle) at Interclubs, I think 3 years ago with Michelle, Maggie, Jaqui and Sam.

Hope you enjoyed my site!