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Hello Fabulous Skaters!


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What's coming up...and what's I've heard or read!

On this page I'll include any news or gossip I've seen on the web or read in magazines about upcoming competitions and results. I may also use this page to comment on international events in skating and how I think the results should of gone.

Is Sarah Hughes Coming Back?
5:01 Wednesday, April 9/2003
Is Sarah Hughes returning to skating. It's not likely. She says she wants to attend school and since she has had so many opportunities she wants to do she is not going to skate. She is the only female skater since Katerina Witt to continue skating after winning the Olympics. Rock Out! L8erSk8ers!

Is it the end?
March.31/2003 12:39 PM
I guess it is. The World's in Washington are over. Although I haven't seen it all yet.  My Grandpa taped about 14 hours of the World's for me and I have yet to watch it. Though I did catch the Ladies Freeskate on Saturday night. I thought the judging looked good and the results seemed fair enough! Way to go Michelle! Her skate was probably the best I have ever seen! It was just so powerful. And congrats to Elena at second, I really like watching her! Jennifer Robinson did a good job too! Now Canada can again send two people to the World's next year! Well I will probably go and watch all those tapes now since I have some time. But really I don't mind being a couch potato.

Updates Are Coming!
Posted March.16 2003
Updates are coming, coming, coming! Just wait! After homework today and maybe the mall there are gonna be tons of updates! Can't Wait! Thanks to Monica, my coach for finding my site. After she signed my guestbook, I got an email! So I said why not update my site. First I couldn't get into it from AOL. But I managed! So look forward to this afternoon for updates! Thanks for everyone visits! I'm in the 400's now! WOW!

Jennifer Holmes
Posted on June 29, 2002
I need some help! Could anyone give me a website to her official site? Or could you tell me what she's up to these days? Anything would be a great help! Please email me at ! Thanks for Your Help!


Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!