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Hello Fabulous Skaters!
Skating Site Review

The Review......


Iskater.Com  is the site of the month!
Now, I do like this site because its always very updated. I also personally like the layout and the pictures but . . . you have to pay for the skating coverage and the board!
I'm a freebie kind of chick so this really gets on my nerves. The internet should be kept free so why is charging $64.99 for 15 months of subscription to iskater? It states you recieve unique event coverage, complete site access, an electronic monthly newsletter and 15% off iskater branded merchandise. Ok, I believe you'll get what you pay for, but REALLY! Who would buy Iskater merchandise?  (No Offense!)
The articles. Yes they are always updated but half the time the writing is horrible and cheesy ( I know I shouldn't criticize!) But the site is neatly organized. With all results easy to find plus they have archives! Overall the site is good but I just don't like it when you have to pay for an internet site! What can I say, I'm a Freebie Chick!
                  !FAB SKATER!
Overall Rating:

Photos: 9     

Writing: 6

Appearance: 8

Information:  9

Organization: 9

Average: 8.2 !! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!

(10 being the best,1 being the worst)                                                                                                                


Headline: School is Now In


More Information
iskater's content is driven by Paul Martini, 1984 World Pair Champion and President of iskater.  -- As said on Site


Judy Blumberg, James Cowling, Amy Rosewater, Steve Woodward.

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Anything Reviewed And Where to Get Books and Videos

September 2001 Skating Dreams,Skating Backward by Nola Thacker Ra*:8
October 2001 Silver Blades, On the Edge, GOLD MEDAL DREAMS #1 Miniseries by Melissa Lowell. Ra*:8
November/December 2001 GOLDENSKATE.COM
January/February/March 2002
Ice Stars Ra*: 7.6
July 2002 Ra* 8.2

You can buy books at and . They are the two major bookstores.

Do you have a book or magazine that you would like us to review? Post on the guest book or send us an email. Remember it must have something in it that has to do with figure skating!